Reignite Your Relationship

Love your relationship, but miss the early days? You’re not alone, and getting things back on track is within your control.

This course provides the fundamentals of creating and keeping a conscious relationship that remains loving, exciting, passionate and drama-free forever.

Carefully designed and presented by a highly respected relationship therapist, the REIGNITE YOUR RELATIONSHIP course features proven strategies, professional re-enactments of the most challenging relationship dialogues and the science behind a happy, healthy and thriving long-term relationship.

The course is packed with video and audio lessons, worksheets, scripts, quizzes, vision boards and more that will educate, coach and hand-hold students to have the toolkit to have the best relationship of their lives.

Enrol TODAY to access this RELATIONSHIP-SAVING course to get your relationship back on track and have your partner see you with fresh eyes, just like the early days.

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  • 33 video and audio lessons including 'Opposites in Relationships', 'Fighting The Good Fight', 'Reigniting Intimacy' and 'When Affairs & Betrayals Happen'.
  • 50+ pages of interactive, downloadable handouts, scripts and quizzes to help you solve the most difficult relationship issues.
  • Over 2 hours of high-quality, trusted content personalised by leading Australian relationship therapist, Annie Gurton – for cheaper than the price of a single therapy session.
  • Watch proven communication techniques re-enacted by professional actors.


  • Stop fights and arguments in their tracks
  • Learn how to negotiate what you want 
  • Speak so your partner listens
  • Listen so you can really hear what your partner wants
  • Set boundaries for space and privacy
  • Discover how to talk about money 
  • Understand the cycles of relationships and where they can come unstuck
  • Understand and eliminate Jealousy and diffuse Anger
  • Overcome personality clashes and childhood traumas that sabotage the relationship
  • Prevent an affair or save your relationship if this ever happens
  • Keep the sizzle and romance alive forever
  • Manage in-laws, friends and external influences that can hurt a relationship
  • Understand your own patterns and relationship style
  • Get off the power struggle loop
  • Practice appreciation and gratitude as a way of deepening your bond
  • Re-imagine your partner to get the best out of them



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