Your Exclusive Look

RescuMe Academy's relationship therapist, Annie Gurton, explains why we all have a certain 'type' that we're destined to fall in love with again and again – and again. What's yours?

(Hint: It's got to do with your parents!)


This course is for you if you want to ...

  • Stop fights and arguments in their tracks
  • Learn how to negotiate what you want 
  • Speak so your partner listens
  • Listen so you can really hear what your partner wants
  • Set boundaries for space and privacy
  • Discover how to talk about money 
  • Understand the cycles of relationships and where they can come unstuck
  • Understand and eliminate Jealousy and diffuse Anger
  • Overcome personality clashes and childhood traumas that sabotage the relationship
  • Prevent an affair or save your relationship if this ever happens
  • Keep the sizzle and romance alive forever
  • Manage in-laws, friends and external influences that can hurt a relationship
  • Understand your own patterns and relationship style
  • Get off the power struggle loop
  • Practice appreciation and gratitude as a way of deepening your bond
  • Re-imagine your partner to get the best out of them

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