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1. How do I sign up for a course?

Click here to find all courses.

2. Can I sign up for more than one course?

Absolutely! All course material will be accessible at the time of sign up, so you can work through multiple courses at the same time, or move through one at a time. How you learn is up to you.

3. Is the course material available on mobile?

All courses are available on desktop, mobile, laptop, and tablet wherever there’s an internet connection.

4. Will I need to attend classes at certain times?

No. The beauty of RescuMe Academy is that you can learn at your own pace and in your own space. All course material will be available to you at the time of sign up.

5. How much do courses cost and is it a subscription or one-time fee?

Each course is priced according to the level of involvement and all courses are purchasable through a one-time fee. Click through to the relevant course sign up page to find the RRP associated.

6. Do you offer refunds or exchanges if I change my mind?

No. All course material will be available to you at the time of sign up, so we can not provide refunds or exchanges for change-of-mind purchases.

7. I’m interested, but not ready to commit. Will these courses disappear?

Most courses will be accessible for an extended period of time. We recommend signing up to the RescuMe Academy email list (at the bottom of this page) so that you can be the first to know if any courses are being removed or replaced.

8. I have questions for the instructor. How can I get them answered?

If your question is related to the platform or delivery, please email our Customer Support Team. No access to experts is offered as a part of our current course offering.

9. How long do I have access to the course material?

Course material is yours to keep, and you can refer back to it whenever you want.

10. I am having trouble watching the videos and accessing the content, what should I do?

  • Test out a different internet browser. 

  • Test all volume and audio capabilities on your device.

  • Delete cookies to ensure your computer is not using an old version of the page.

  • Make sure you are watching somewhere with a high-speed internet connection.

If these do not work, please contact us.

11. Do you share your email list with other companies?

No. Your details will be kept confidential. Occasionally RESCU and RescuMe Academy will run promotions or giveaways where entry will require you to consent to have your email shared with a partner. In these cases, the requirement will be clearly stated and consent will be required before entry.

12. I want to bulk order access to a particular course for my workplace/school group/other. Is there a discount available?

If you are looking for access for over 20 people, please email us at [email protected]. For bulk corporate licensing programs, we offer highly-competitive access rates.

14. Are the courses available for download?

Video lessons are streamed and therefore not downloadable, however you can access them wherever and whenever there is an internet connection once purchased! Course handouts and audio files are downloadable with purchase.

15. I don’t live in Australia. Can I still take a course?

Yes! That’s the beauty of online learning.

16. Will I receive an accreditation or certification on completion of a course? 

All our courses are for your own personal development and study, they are not accredited.

17. Can I share the course with my friend?

Courses must be accessed only by the individual who purchased the course. Sharing of logins or use of your account that violates the T&Cs may lead to the suspension or termination of your account.

18. I'm looking for my money back guarantee, how do I know if I am eligible?

We do ask that you have completed at least 50% of the course


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