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Join the Rescu.Me Academy revolution and #BeTheExpert of your own life with hours of binge-worthy courses on beauty, relationships, wellbeing, health and more – handcrafted for you by Australia's leading experts.


What is Rescu.Me Academy?

Launched in September 2018, Rescu.Me Academy's mission is to make daily screen time more valuable, turning mindless scrolling to skill mastery. Each course includes between 9 to 19 modules of video content, worksheets, audio, and resource lists available whenever and wherever there’s an internet connection!

RescuMe Academy is an evolution of the popular expert lifestyle website RESCU.com.au, transforming the beauty, fashion, health and wellbeing articles we know you love into bite-sized, easy video and audio-learning modules led by Australia's leading experts.

About the founder

Bahar Etminan is the Founder and Editor of the RESCU.com.auAfter 6 successful years working in the luxury industry first as GM of Gucci Timepieces and later joining Estée Lauder Group as the youngest-ever Brand General Manager for Bobbi Brown and Origins, she moved to Paris at the age of 28 to source products for the launch of her own beauty distributor, BrandMakers.

Just after her 30th birthday, Bahar created Australia’s first distributor owned e-commerce store for cosmetics, anchoring herself as an online media leader. In just a few short years, RESCU evolved from e-commerce into a pure publishing lifestyle platform — with some of the country's best experts as contributors. In 2015, she authored her first book, RESCU Me! The Makeover Guide For A Life More Fabulous.

Her next adventure: Rescu.Me Academy!

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