What is RescuMe Academy?

Founder & Editor of RescuMe Academy and RESCU.com.au, Bahar Etminan answers your questions.


You can transform how you do beauty!

Learn the skill set to change your world of makeup.



Your exclusive first look at RescuMe Academy's BE YOUR OWN MAKEUP ARTIST with Nigel Stanislaus. Watch now and get ready to transform the way you do beauty.


This course is for you if you want to ...

✔︎ Feel beautiful and confident after a breakup or a rough patch

✔︎ You’re a makeup junkie but feel like an amateur when it comes to the artistry.

✔︎  You’re sick of not knowing which products and tools to use to get the look you want

✔︎  Be the go-to makeup artist of your friends

✔︎ People begging you to share your makeup artist secrets

✔︎ Boost your skill set to grow your profile and even make money!

You can get your love life back on track today!

Learn how to get your love life back on track, regain the connection and stop the fighting.



Your exclusive first look at RescuMe Academy's ground breaking course.
REIGNITE YOUR RELATIONSHIP by Annie Gurton . Watch Now and get ready for transformation!


Do this course if you want to...

✔︎  Stop fights and arguments in their tracks

✔︎  Speak so your partner listens

✔︎  Set boundaries for space and privacy

✔︎  Talk about money without fighting

✔︎  Eliminate Jealousy and diffuse Anger

✔︎  Understand childhood traumas that sabotage your relationship

✔︎  Keep the sizzle and romance alive forever

✔︎  Get off the power struggle loop

✔︎  Re-imagine your partner to get the best out of them

✔︎  Bullet-proof your relationship from affairs


Don't let your happiness wait another day

Do I Qualify?

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Who it's for

✔︎  Your relationships is collapsing and you need a real solution. Now.

✔︎  Jealousy, loneliness, betrayal, anger, or cheating are leaving you miserable, but the thought of therapy is too embarrassing.

✔︎  You’re in your second or third long term partnership and you have to make this one last.

✔︎ You want to end the fights that plague your relationship for the sake of your sanity and the wellbeing of your family.

✔︎ You want to learn a new way to do love and romance.

✔︎ You can't afford relationship therapy but need professional help.

Who it's NOT for

✔︎ Those who want to stay stuck in chaos

✔︎ People addicted to the fight and make up cycle.
✔︎ Anyone who doesn't believe in love.
✔︎ Those who are stuck in patterns of abuse.
✔︎ Anyone who is afraid of being truly happy.

Our Courses

Be the expert of your own life with our video courses on relationships, make up, health and total wellbeing. More courses coming soon. Watch this space!

What's inside the course?

Meet Annie Gurton, a therapist and couples counsellor who has been helping people restore their broken relationships for over 15 years, and get familiar with the tactics, techniques, words and skills that will help you stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

  • Lesson 1: Your transformation starts now
  • Lesson 2: What we'll cover
  • Lesson 3: Stages of Relationships

Ever ask yourself, how your relationship went from loved up bliss to bored, lonely, and distant blues? In this module, Annie explains the cycle of love, reasons you could be subconsciously sabotaging your relationship, and how to fix problems before they start.

  • Lesson 4: What is lust?
  • Lesson 5: The madness of love
  • Lesson 6: Get your relationship back on track
  • Lesson 7: Demonstration of 'Appreciation Dialogue'

Stop letting those tiny triggers and niggling annoyances rule your relationship. Find out how to identify the REAL problem and finally free yourself from the past trauma that’s haunting and hurting your relationship’s future.

  • Lesson 8: What's the problem?
  • Lesson 9: How your childhood affects your adult relationships
  • Lesson 10: How to create safety in our relationships

Learn how to start the really hard conversations with word-for-word scripts that really work. You’ll also discover the crucial differences between the Hailstormer and the Turtle, how to identify which you and your partner are, and turn the destructive you’ve become accustomed to into constructive conversations.

  • Lesson 11: Opposites in relationships
  • Lesson 12: Minimisers versus maximisers – which one are you?
  • Lesson 13: Proven communication solutions
  • Lesson 14: Demonstration of 'IMAGO Dialogue'

Arguments that leave both you and your partner feeling burnt out, unheard, and frustrated CAN be avoided. This module is all about learning to listen effectively, responding rationally, and stepping into you partner’s world to stop the fight cycle and move forward.

  • Lesson 15: Fighting the good fight
  • Lesson 16: Are you in an unconscious relationship?
  • Lesson 17: Types of fighting and how to argue
  • Lesson 18: Saying it so your partner can hear

Anger and Jealousy are two of the most common reasons relationships fail, and they come from the same primal part of us. Learn about the underlying emotions that are bringing these harmful emotions bubbling up to the surface, so you can stop them before it’s too late.

  • Lesson 19: Stop anger in its tracks
  • Lesson 20: Demonstration of 'Anger Dialogue'
  • Lesson 21: Strategies to help with jealously

Privacy is a fundamental human need, but when it’s interpreted as secrecy, it becomes a relationship-ruiner. Learn how to manage the third character in your relationship — the space between you and your partner — so you can finally get back to happy.

  • Lesson 22: Human givens (what we can't live without)
  • Lesson 23: The space between you
  • Lesson 24: Demonstration of 'Privacy and Secrecy Dialogue' 

Affairs and other acts of betrayal create the most catastrophic relationship ruptures. Throughout this module, Annie will show you a technique that can save a relationship from betrayal or an affair, and teach you how to repair, forgive and reconnect after betrayal.

  • Lesson 25: When affairs and betrayals happen
  • Lesson 26: Healing and growing the relationship
  • Lesson 27: Interpreting your childhood experiences
  • Lesson 28: Demonstration of 'Affairs and Betrayal Dialogue'

In the early days, intimacy is easy. But as we move through the cycles of love, intimacy takes effort. If you REALLY want to reignite your relationship, you’ve got to do the work. In this module, you’ll learn how to get the intimacy back and finally feel the fire of the early days once again.

  • Lesson 29: Finding your way back to love
  • Lesson 30: 11 proven techniques for intimacy

Stop letting the stressors and changes of life bring your relationship plummeting to the ground. This final module will set you up for success, no matter what life throws at you. Learn how to create a relationship vision, heal from hardship, request behavioural changes, and continue constructive dialogue.

  • Lesson 31: Reimagine your partner (creating a relationship vision)
  • Lesson 32: Custodian of your relationship and other expert strategies for romantic success
  • Lesson 33: Beyond the therapy room; Annie's final words.


Love your relationship, but miss the early days? You’re not alone. This course will teach you how to identify your issues, stop the fighting, find what you need to be happy, re-spark intimacy, and keep the lines of communication open.



This immersive, fun and easy to follow course takes you from beginner to glamazon. Everything you need to always look polished and beautiful. Nigel Stanislaus teaches all you need from technique to product selection.


Tell us what you'd like to learn!

RescuMe Academy provides unparalleled access to leading experts in beauty, fashion, health and wellbeing. If you're looking for a specific course OR if you are a leading expert who wants to work with us, contact us!


By completing this course you will learn these remarkable skills:

How you speak can make or break your relationship. Learn word-for-word scripts that will become the knight in shining armour your relationship desperately needs.

Discover the cycle of love and learn how to identify where you are so you can proactively resolve problems before they arise.

Find out how identify what you want, ask for it, and actually get it

How to breathe life into your flat-lining relationship on track no matter how much stress and exhaustion life throws at you.

Learn the signs that you are accidentally pushing love away, and how to stop the self-sabotage.

Meet Our Experts

Get to the know the leading experts behind our first two courses.

Meet your therapist & love coach, Annie Gurton

Annie Gurton is one of Australia's leading relationship experts with over 16 years experience as a Psychological Therapist and Relationship Counsellor. Annie trained as a Psychotherapist in 2003, and now works as a Couples Counsellor using the Imago Therapy technique which is the basis of this course.

She is a Counselling Supervisor, and lectures at ACAP (Australian College of Counselling) and also JNI (Jansen Newman Institute) – the two leading Institutes in Sydney, Australia for training counsellors and therapists.

As RESCU’s resident psychology expert for over four years, Annie has been our go to expert on relationships, romance, and emotional health.

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Nigel Stanislaus

An industry favourite, Nigel Stanislaus is an international celebrity makeup artist who's worked his magic on such on Ruby Rose, Coco Rocha, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Erin Wasson and John Legend – just to name a few.


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